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Airlines understand your need for carrying your pet along in the flight. For this purpose, the airlines have well-established and clear policies on pet travel. These policies clearly tell what all types of pets can be carried in a flight (whether in the cabin or in the hold or as cargo), what documents are required, and under what conditions would these be allowed in the flight. In general, US airlines allow carriage of dogs and cats except for certain breeds of these animals which are not allowed.

It shall also be noted that pets can be taken on most of the flights which are below 12 hours flight duration. If these are allowed in the cabin, either a kennel shall be taken as a cabin bag, or these need to be seated on a moisture absorbent mat properly restrained and muzzled so that it does not harm any passenger. However, if these are to be carried in check in the baggage hold, it needs to be carried in a kennel of prescribed dimensions so that it can stand and turn around without any difficulty.

Advance notice requirement

If you have to fly with a pet, it is important that this shall be brought to our notice at the time of booking air tickets and at least 48-72 hours before the departure time of flight depending on the airline you are flying on.

Service and Emotional support animals

Visually impaired passengers having service dogs are allowed to carry these on the flight and in the cabin. Similarly, a passenger who has pets as emotional support animals are also allowed to take this on-board.

Health and Training Documents

There is a need to carry health documents of the pet as per USDA and destination requirements. At times, the airlines would need the documents of training of dogs as service or emotional support animals. A certificate of the same from the pet training institute is also required.

There might be a requirement of a veterinary doctor certificate with respect to the vaccination and health of the animal. So, do call us to know under what condition this is required.

Weather and Pet travel

Airlines also place restrictions on the carriage of pets when the cold and heat temperatures of ground at any destination of the itinerary are within given range.

Charges for carriage of pets

There are no charges for carrying service and emotional support animals on the plane. However, there are charges for other types of pets to be carried on the plane. These charges depend on the route of travel and also on whether these are being carried in the cabin or in check-in.

Do feel free to call us to know about these charges and other requirements of carriage of pets. Please do note that if you fail to bring any important document or bring a pet that is not allowed on the airline or does not meet other conditions, you might not be allowed to board the plane.