LATAM Airlines (LA)

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LATAM Airlines (LA) Reservations & Flight Deals

LATAM Airlines is based in Santiago, Chile. It was founded in the year 2012 after the merger of LAN Airlines of Chile and TAM Airlines of Brazil. LATAM Airlines have a number of subsidiaries for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru. The airline is a member of the Oneworld global alliance. This makes it possible for people to book tickets for destinations where it does not fly on its own.

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LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy

LATAM airlines offer free cabin and check-in baggage.

It allows you to bring cabin bags of weight up to 8 kg in Economy and 16 kg in Premium Economy or Premium Business class. The size of each cabin bag shall not be more than 21 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches. Besides the regular cabin bag, you are also allowed to bring one personal item.

With respect to the check-in baggage, it depends on the route of travel, cabin class, and fare type reserved and frequent flyer status. The check-in baggage allowance is free for some cabin classes but not for some others when traveling in Economy Class.

So, for all international routes to or from the United States, the airline provides 2 checks in bags of 50 lbs each for free across all economy fare types. If you are not sure about the check-in baggage allowance or charges, do call us to know about the same and book LATAM Airlines tickets with us.

The Premium Economy Plus and Top ticket passengers are allowed 3 check-in bags of 50 lbs each for free on all international flights.

There are charges for carrying additional, oversized, and overweight baggage.

LATAM Airlines Methods of Check-in

After ticket reservations on LATAM airlines, you need to check in to get the boarding pass. This can be done in different ways. These methods are:
1) Airport check-in There are airline counters at the airport that have been traditionally been used for checking in and getting the boarding pass. Also, there is a kiosk machine present at select airports which can be used for checking in.
2) Online Check-in: Online check-in facility is available from 48 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.
3) Mobile Check-in: You can also check in using the mobile application of the airline and downloading it into your smartphone.

LATAM Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

LATAM Pass is the frequent flyer program of the airline and this can be joined by filling an online form.

The program has a 4 tier membership structure-Gold, Platinum, Black, and Black Signature. Each of these memberships has its own benefits and privileges.

Gold status is attained by earning 15000 points out of which at least 12000 shall be on 100% LATAM flights or the ones marketed by LATAM.

Platinum membership is attained by earning 40000 points out of which at least 32000 shall be on 100% LATAM flights or the ones marketed by LATAM.

Similarly, Black and Black Signature levels are attained by earning 75000 and 160000 points out of which 60000 and 160000 shall be 100% on LATAM or marketed by it respectively.

This program is based on the amount spent in dollars or real (Brazil currency).

LATAM Cabin Experiences

LATAM airlines provide Economy, Premium Economy, and Premium Business classes of travel to the passenger. Within these broad classifications of the cabin, classes are the different fare choices. In-flight menus, seating type, entertainment provisions, cabin spaces and ambiance, the privacy of the cabin, and exclusive services are some of the factors on which the different cabin classes have been differentiated.

Economy cabins are the basic ones whereas Premium Economy cabins come with more benefits and exclusive privileges. Premium Business Class cabins are even more exclusive in terms of their product and service offerings.

LATAM Airlines Destinations Reached

LATAM airlines, including its subsidiaries, serves destinations in the South and North Americas, Europe, Southern Africa, Asia, and Australia. In all, it reaches 137 destinations in 24 countries. LATAM has one of the largest networks from South America. This allows passengers to easily travel to different destinations around the world.

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