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Frontier Airlines (F9) Deals and Reservation

Based in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier of the United States. The airline was established in the year 1994 and its parent company is Indigo Partners. The airline has its hub at Denver and has many focus cities, such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Trenton, Raleigh/Durham, and Philadelphia. Frontier Airlines flight tickets can be booked online conveniently with us. However, to get exclusive Frontier airlines flight deals, you are requested to connect with our flight agent on call.

Frontier Airlines Baggage

The airlines allow carriage of cabin and check-in baggage. These come with restrictions on size, weight, and numbers. If the size, weight or numbers are exceeded, there are charges for the same.

The cabin bag shall not be more than 24"H, 16"W, 10" D in dimensions and 35 lbs in weight. Carriage of cabin bag is not free in Frontier and the passengers have to pay for it. There is two exceptions to this rule. Frontier Miles Elite members and those flyers who have bought The Works tickets are allowed to carry 1 free cabin baggage along with a personal item. However, for other passengers, this is chargeable. Check out the prices of the cabin bag for your route on a call with us at the time of ticket booking.

The check-in baggage shall not be more than 62 inches in linear dimensions (l+b+h) and 50 lbs in weight. Oversized and overweight bags are charged $75 for each excess. However, there is a limit to excess weight and size. The weight shall not be more than 100lbs and linear dimensions shall not be more than 110 inches. One free check-in bag is allowed for a passenger who is traveling on The Works ticket.

Charges for Baggage

Charges for baggage are dependent on when and how was the baggage bought.

Carry-on baggage entails $35 when bought online on the website of the airline or $38 when bought between flight booking and before 24 hours of flight. The charges are $40 when booked via customer care or during web check-in. At the airport counter or kiosk, the charge is $50 and, finally, if you buy baggage at the gate, the charge is $60.

Similarly, check in bags are charged on the same lines. 1st check-in bag will cost you anywhere between $30-$60 depending on how it is booked and price of 2nd check-in bag starts at about $55. Do feel free to contact us with the details of charges.

Frontier Airlines Check-In Methods

After booking Frontier Airlines tickets, either online or any other means, there is a need to go through the check-in process and get the boarding pass. The boarding pass will enable you to board the flight. The process of checking in allows you to make special service requests, select the seats and pay for the baggage. There are different ways in which airline check-in can happen. These are:

1) Airport counter check-in

2) Web check-in or Online check-in

3) Kiosk check-in

4) Mobile App check-in

Frontier Airline expects you to complete the check-in process 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time in case of Frontier domestic flights, and 90 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time in case of Frontier international flights.

Further, the mobile and app check-in closes 60 minutes before the departure time of flight.

Passengers are requested to observe the check-in time deadlines, else there would be hassles while boarding.

Frontier Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Frontier Miles is the frequent flyer program of the airline. This is a new program and has come as a replacement for Early Returns program which continued till 2018. The program allows its members to earn and redeem the loyalty rewards points with ease. The program can be joined free.

This program is based on miles flown and not on the amount spent on ticket booking.

The program has three membership tiers:

a) Elite 20k- This status can be earned by flying 20000 qualifying miles or 25 segments in a year

b) Elite 50k- This level can be reached by flying 50000 qualifying miles or 50 segments in a year

c) Elite 100k- This status level can be earned by flying 100000 qualifying miles or 100 segments in a year.

Each of these membership levels has its own set of benefits and privileges. Please feel free to call us to know the details.

Frontier Miles can be earned by flying on the Frontier airlines, using Frontier Airlines World MasterCard more often and by using the products and services offered by its various partners.

Redemption of Frontier Miles can be done by way of award flights which begin at 10000 miles for one one-way flight. The airline has defined three levels of award flight Value, Standard and Last Seat (Elite only). These can also be redeemed for hotel bookings and with partners of the airline.

Frontier Airlines Cabin Experiences

Frontier allows passengers to select from two of the seat types-standard or stretch. The price of seating depends on when it is selected.

If booked on the airline website and at least 24 hrs before departure of the flight, the charge is $6 for standard and $20 for stretch seats.

Similarly, when bought using a call center, during web check in or at the airport, the charge for standard seating is $8, $11 and $11 respectively, and, for a stretch, seating is $20, $25 and $25 respectively.

Frontier Airlines Destinations Reached

You can book Frontier flights to more than 103 destinations in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico. The airline has a codeshare agreement with Volaris, the budget carrier of Mexico, which allows its passengers to even book flight tickets till the destinations where Volaris reaches.

Frontier Airlines Fleet

The airline has a fleet of different types of planes, but all of these are of Airbus. The airline has the following planes:

Aircraft Numbers
Airbus A319-100 7
Airbus A320-200 21
Airbus A320neo 34
Airbus A321-200 21