Santiago, one of the oldest cities in South America, was established in 1541 as an administrative hub and base of operations for a war with the indigenous Mapuche people, who opposed the Spanish conquistadors’ advance and subjugation. Santiago was proclaimed the nation’s capital after Chile declared its independence from Spain in the early 1800s.

Activities in Santiago

What activities are there in Santiago?
Embark on a walking tour

A walking tour is a terrific way to become acquainted with the city. Numerous local tour operators run well-planned trips with knowledgeable, amiable guides. A sightseeing tour will give you a better sense of the city’s layout, educate you about the most significant sites, and provide you with information on the area’s history, extensive underground system, and other areas of interest.

Spend the day at one of Santiago’s lovely parks
The capital city offers an abundance of well maintained parks. The Parque Metropolitan (the Metropolitan Park), located northeast of the city center, is the largest and tallest of them. Two outdoor pool complexes, a botanical garden, an observatory, and the national zoo are a few of its top draws. Saint Cristobal Mountain, the highest point in the city, dominates the park’s southwest corner.

Climb Santa Lucia Hill
The brilliant jewel of the city, Cerro Santa Luca, is located in Lactarian’s center neighborhoods. The hill is home to two fortifications that are more than 200 years old, beautiful gardens, and the neo-classical Fountain of Neptune at its southern foot in addition to providing stunning views of the cityscape and the Andes beyond.

Go looking for Santiago’s street art
Santiago’s street art, which is dispersed across the city’s streets, attracts both locals and tourists. The grafters’ of the city serve as a display for Santiago’s creative nature, which need not be contained within a museum. The city’s rising international flare is evident in the effect it has on people from all over the world.

Visit any or all of the world-class museums in the city
In terms of fine art, Santiago is a veritable horde of riches. It is challenging to pick just one for those who lack the time to visit them all. These landmarks are some of Chile’s most well-known structures. Book cheap flights to Santiago now at and enjoy your Activities in Santiago.

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