As the coronavirus pandemic continues, JetBlue Airways would require passengers to wear face masks or other face coverings from May 4. it’s the primary U.S. airline to try to do so and help within the hamper of the spread of the virus.

Air travel continues to extend while the country slowly starts to reopen, it’s imperative that the flying public feel safe and cozy in doing so. To accomplish this goal and protect both crew members and passengers this step has been taken.

JetBlue passengers will need to wear a mask or other face-covering during airport check-in, on the plane, and once they get off the plane. The airline said it’ll notify passengers about the new requirement via email before their flight and at the airport. One exception: young children who aren’t ready to keep a mask on. JetBlue will have a little number of masks for passengers who don’t bring.

On the opposite hand Delta, which recommends travelers wear a mask but hasn’t made it a requirement yet, has been providing masks to travelers who don’t bring them.

And American Airlines said on Monday that it’ll begin offering face masks and sanitizing wipes or gels to passengers in early May.

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