Everyone booking a flight to the us must present a negative Covid-19 test report or Recovery form.

If you’re getting to book your flights from India/Australia or the other country to the USA you would like to display a COVID negative test report. The report is going to be asked from you while boarding at the airport and can be accepted if no quite 3 days old. you want to even be prepared to point out the document of recovery at the airport before leaving.

The above order is effective since 12:01 am EST on 26th January 2021. you furthermore may got to present a self-declaration form for the authentication of the Negative COVID report in sort of attestation.

Still, the govt of the USA suggests that this must not be the proper time to plan a journey in midst of the pandemic. Your life and therefore the lifetime of people on the brink of you’re important. it’s best to remain reception and be safe. just in case of emergencies, if you would like to fly please follow all the CDC recommendations before, during, and after travel.

Here is that the list of latest recommendations once you reach your destination –

1. You need to urge tested in 3-5 days after you reach and occupy range in self-quarantine for 7 days.
2. Even if you test negative in your report, you ought to stay home for 7 days
3. In case of testing positive, occupy home and avoid spreading the virus to people and follow instructions from the medical professional.
4.In any case, you’re not getting tested be self-aware of the very fact that the COVID virus is out there and self-quarantine yourself for 10 days.

Frequently Ask Questions –
Are these requirements and procedures apply to US citizens?

The procedures apply to all or any citizens(2 years aged or older) traveling from abroad to the US.

If i’m a non-citizen folks will i will be able to be not subject to Presidential Proclamation travel restrictions if I show a Negative test or documentation of recovery?

As per the newest orders from CDC, it doesn’t replace the Presidential proclamations.

To check the list of the countries and links to proclamations please browse to the White House Website.

Do the above procedures apply for people traveling from US territories to US states?

No, you don’t need to present a negative test report if you’re traveling from a US territory to a US state. US territories include American Samoa , Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands , the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and therefore the US Virgin Islands .

In case of booking a flight from US territories via a special country, i want to present the reports?

No, in such a situation you the above procedures don’t apply to you.

FAQ if you’re traveling from a far off country to US –
If i’m planning a brief trip outside folks and return within a 3-day time-frame will I even have to follow the procedure?

You need to present a test report that’s negative that’s dated 3 days or less before your travel.

What is attestation?

It is a document that states in writing, entry, or other representation under 18 U.S.C that confirms the knowledge that’s submitted is true.

Do the above procedures apply to land border crossings?


Who will check my report before I board the flight to US?

It is the responsibility of the airline to see your report or document of recovery.

What sorts of new SARS-CoV-2 are going to be acceptable?

You must be tested with an antigen test or a macromolecule amplification test (NAAT). The test used should align with the authorization of it vai the National authority of the country you’re traveling from.

Will, it qualifies if i buy myself tested at home?

Yes, if the lab reports meet the wants and such testing is permitted by the country’s national health authorities.

What is a verifiable test result?

A verifiable test result must be written or printed documented of a laboratory test result that meets the need of all the knowledge associated with the traveler.

Does the order apply to Diplomat and special visa holders?


FAQ associated with Passenger
When does one got to a test before traveling to the US?

No quite 3 days before your traveling.

Do Local and State governments within the US have different testing guidelines?

Depending on the amount of cases or preventive measures states can have further restrictions for people traveling to the US. Always stay updated on the newest federal and state rules before you propose to travel.

What are the principles if you latterly get over COVID?

Yes, you’ll travel if you carry a document of recovery that specifies that you simply have tested positive and recovered from COVID and permission by a public health official.

Will I be allowed to board the flight if I don’t present a negative test report?

The airline has the authority to deny the travel if you be present at the airport without a negative test report.

What is the Document of Recovery consists of?

The document of recovery consists of a printed or electronic copy of ur positive test result and a signed letter that states all the details(Name, Number, Address on official letterhead) from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official. Stating that you simply are recovered from COVID and are now safe to travel.

Can you get an exemption or waiver for the testing?

Only just in case of an emergency where there’s a danger of life or something too urgent regarding savings someone’s life you’ll be allowed for an exemption.

Will i want to urge tested again if I even have a flight to the US? Does the 3-day test rule apply to the primary flight or the last one?

You need to urge tested less than 3 days before your first flight. you’ll need to take a retest if you’ve got a flight if you would like quite 3 days to succeed in the US thanks to delay or the other circumstances.

Do passengers also got to have a replica of their attestation also because the airline retaining it?

Passengers are only required to retain a paper or electronic copy of their negative test result or documentation of recovery for everything of their itinerary. The attestation should be submitted to and retained by the airline or aircraft operator.

What happens if my flight is delayed past the three days limit?

If the delay is quite days you would like to urge tested again.

Do i want to urge tested if i’m traveling outside of US?

No, it’s not compulsory, but CDC recommends that one must get the test done 1-3 days before you travel internationally.

Will the CDC help me get my refund just in case of delay or cancellation due to test requirements?

CDC won’t be susceptible to reimburse and is unable to assist travelers to urge reimbursements for travel expenses. Please confirm with the airline beforehand just in case of any such situation.

Aircrafts Operator/Airlines/Crew FAQ
Does this order apply to all or any flights?

Yes, this order applies to all or any flights including private and general aviation aircraft.

Does the order also apply at pre-clearance ports?


Is there any exemption from the need of the order for a crew member? Also, what sort of travel is exempt for the crew members?

All the crew members that are on the official duty assigned by the air carrier/operator involves in their task respectively are exempt from the wants of the order. Other crew members traveling for training, commuting to or from work, or business aren’t exempt from the testing requirement.

To apply for exemption, the occupation health, and safety program must be followed as per the COVID protocol issued jointly by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and CDC.

Apart from the crew, other persons like the upkeep person and contractor could also be exempted if:

They are travel is said to the aim of operating the aircraft and maintain safety.
The air carrier extends and allows these personals supported occupational health and safety programs .
All the personals who aren’t covered under the occupational health and safety program won’t be exempt from the rule.

Are federal enforcement personnel exempt from this order?

Yes such officials are only exempt from the order if:

The urgent need for travel doesn’t allow time for testing.
If there’s any federal enforcement function on the aircraft (for security reasons.)
CDC still requires a replica of the signed statement electronic or in print in such case mentioning the rationale for pass by the respective agency.

Is the defense personal from the US department exempt from this order?

All the officials of the DOD are exempt from the testing requirement if such personals are meeting the rules under the DOD force Protection guidance 14 – DOD guidance for private traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic(Dec 29, 2020) including its testing guidance.

Where to seek out the industry protocols that the crew must follow to pass the exemption?

Please visit the security alert for operators pdf from the web site by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Can the schedule carriers create a sort of electronic attestation? In such a case what constitutes the rules of ‘signing’?

Yes, within the case of electronic attestation the schedule carriers need to confirm the identity of the person is valid and therefore the traveler is allowed to travel. this will be done via digital signature on the attestation document or other authorized apps (like DocuSign).

Can airline/aircraft take attestation form during a foreign language?


What is the airline/aircraft supposed to try to with the attestation?

As of now the airline/aircraft is meant to stay the attestation with them for 2 years.

Do the airlines got to maintain a replica of the test results of the traveler?


What are the rules for the aircraft/airlines to follow just in case they need to shift a patient who is COVID positive?

The aircraft must adhere to CDC’s Interim Guidance for Transporting or Arranging Transportation by Air into, from, or within the us of individuals with COVID-19 or COVID-19 Exposure.

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