Located in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is an artificial islet spreading across 2500 hectares of area. It’s a luxurious shopping, entertainment, and domestic mecca developed by ALDAR. The transnational standard of living has made it popular among excursionists from each over the world. Still, what makes Yas Island Packages so popular are the expansive out-of-door and delightful conditioning this islet offers. With its emotional shopping promenades, 5- star hospices, luxurious estates, and trendy caffs, Yas Island are perfect for those who love to enjoy life to its fullest.

The islet is veritably close to Abu Dhabi International Airport, and you can fluently reach the islet via hired auto, machine, or metro. Yas Mall, Yas Marina, and Ferrari World are some of the top sightseer lodestones of this place. Still, as the climate can be harsh in Abudhabi during the summer, you should always visit the islet when the rainfall is more comfortable or during the layoffs (September-March).

Then are top effects you can not miss in your Yas Island vacation packages

  1. Yas Mall
    Yas Mall, which houses over 370 stores, has made Yas Island a shopping hotspot. This gigantic shopping center is heaven for shopaholics and fashionistas. From decoration apparel brands to fantastic scents to sporting goods, this boardwalk has everything you can imagine. Some of the high- road fashion brands available in this boardwalk are H&M, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Zara, Adidas, and Mango. Your kiddies will fall in love with the kiddies’ game stores and delicacy stores. This boardwalk also has an innovative inner playground for the kiddies named KidsZania. The caffs and cafes like Black Tap, Al Fanar, andP.F Chang’s in this boardwalk make it a perfect dining destination. You can window shop, enjoy the food or watch a movie at this boardwalk ‘s playhouses on a lazy weekend.
  2. Ferrari World
    There’s a reason why Abu Dhabi attracts so numerous motorsport suckers and auto suckers. The reason is Ferrari World, Yas Island. Your Yas Island package is deficient if you aren’t going for Yas Island Ferrari World Packages. Ferrari World has nearly 37 lifts, the Formula Rossa being the most popular among them. It’s the fastest comber coaster encyclopedically and can give you an experience you won’t forget ever. Flying Aces is a comber coaster circle at the height of 52 measures. Ferrari World has introduced the islet’s first zip- line that goes through the circle of the Flying Aces. You can also lift to the red roof of the demesne and take a roof walk. A single- day ticket to this demesne costs AED 295, whereas an periodic pass comes at AED 990. You can also drive a real Ferrari in this demesne if you’re ready to spend AED 795.
  3. Yas Marina Circuit
    Motorsports suckers have another magnet than Ferrari World in Yas Island, and that’s Yas Merina Circuit. Every time in November, it hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and has the longest F1 circuit in the world. It also offers several contending courses which are unique on their own. Then, you can drive race buses you can only dream of, including Aston Martin GT4. In addition, it’ll only bring$ 400 for 20 twinkles of driving. You can also witness a wide range of conditioning ranging from drag racing to drift hacks.
  4. Yas Water land
    Yas Water land is a great place to witness some thrilling lifts and water slides. There are over 40 lodestones in this demesne, including all the unique lifts and slides. This theme demesne is grounded on a UAE theme of “ Legend of the Lost Pearl.” Tot’s Playground is a playground with a pool, and Jebel Drop is another popular slide in this park. However, you’ll enjoy the Rush Rider, If you love probing. The demesne also has the longest water coaster in the Middle East, Falcon Falaj. Cineplash is a must- see point in this demesne as it gives an aquatic cinema experience. The pricing of the tickets for the kiddies and the grown-ups are AED 210 and AED 250, independently.
  5. Warner Bros. World
    Warner Bros. world is a veritably recent addition to Yas Island’s sightseer lodestones. This theme demesne is veritably close to Yas Water land and is a festivity of some of the iconic cartoon shows of all time. This demesne is divided into six sections, and each of them has lifts themed on notorious TV shows that include Looney Toons and Batman. In this demesne, you can spend some time among those characters you spend your nonage watching. No doubt, your kiddies will enjoy this demesne further than anything in Abu Dhabi. Batman, Knight Flight, gives you a regard at the life of the caped zealot and the Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure takes you to the neolithic world of Flintstones. Concluding for Yas Island theme demesne packages would be a great idea to explore all the unique theme premises in Yas Island.
  6. Frenetic
    Frenetic will drive you frenetic with its world- class live music gambles. It’s the largest café in the Middle East and brings several big names of world music under its roof. Some of those notorious names are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Akon, T-Pain, and NeYo. This vibrant club has a fascinating innards with a 360- degree protuberance mapping and a giant LED screen. In addition, the DJ cell in the club is equipped with the rearmost technology which will give you a unique musical experience. The club remains open every Thursday and Friday from11.00 PM to4.00 AM.
  7. Yas Beach
    Still, you’ll enjoy Yas sand, If you love white flaxen strands with demitasse clear water. This sand is stylish for out-of-door conditioning and watersports. These watersports include kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling. The sand also has a volleyball court and an out-of-door spa. In addition, there are several caffs and cafes on this sand where you can sit and enjoy the sand while having good food. However, your Yas Island Packages must include Yas sand in them, If you’re a beachgoer.
  8. Yas Marina
    Yas Marina is further than the simple boats. Yas marina can give you a unique dining experience that you won’t get anywhere differently. The whole area is notable for brimming with several caffs and cafes. Stars N Bar is a casual sports venue where you can enjoy a big game with some beer. The terrarium is notorious for its fresh seafood options and exquisite shorefront views. Sushi Sundays are an excellent occasion for enjoying some Sushi with mixed drinks. However, Cipriani offers some of the bests in Italian cookery, If you’re pining commodity Italian.
  9. Yas Links
    Indeed if you’re an amateur golfer, you should visit Yas Links Golf Course. Located on the bank of the Arabian Gulf, this is one of the stylish golf courses in the UAE for a reason. It’s designed by Kyle Phillips, who’s one of the stylish golf course contrivers. The course is home to a club, spa, gym, golf academe, and practice ranges. Yas Links also have some great dining options. Hickory’s Restaurant and Matsu are two dining places where golfers andnon-golfers can enjoy some good food.
  10. Yas Gateway Park
    Piecemeal from the extravagant promenades, caffs, and theme premises, Yas Island also has a vast geography where you can spend some tardy time with your family. Yas Gateway Park is a retired treasure on the islet and is perfect for a family spin. The demesne is divided into two sections Yas Gateway Park North and Yas Gateway Park South. The North section is located on the north side of Sheikh Khalifa Highway. There are two playgrounds in this section equipped with playground particulars. Children will love playing around the demesne. There’s also a gill section for those who love picnics. The Yas Gateway Park South is positioned on the south of the Sheikh Khalifa Highway. You can enjoy the geography of this section by walking or cycling through the trails. The tennis court of this section attracts numerous people, including the locals and the excursionists.
  11. Yas Viceroy
    Opened in 2009, Yas Viceroy is a unique five- star hostel erected over the Yas Marina Circuit. The hostel is notorious for its high- end installations and luxe apartments. The two presidential suites stand out owing to their kitchens with particular cookers. There are seven exclusive caffs where you can enjoy a memorable dining experience. Amici (Italian), Angar (Indian), and Kazu (Japanese) are the stylish among those. You can also enjoy the escapism and some mind-boggling views from Skylite Rooftop Lounge. However, you shouldn’t miss a chance to stay in this hostel, If you’re in Yas Island during the F1 week.
  12. CLYMB Abu Dhabi
    Yas Island has commodity for everyone. However, you have CLYMB Abu Dhabi, If you love adventure sport or want to try commodity thrilling. CLYMB is an inner soaring and climbing arena on Yas Island. Its flight chamber and climbing wall are the world’s altitudinous. CLYMB also offers pre-flight courses for neophyte pamphlets. The SUMMYT is the climbing wall in this center and is 141 bases in height. It has 13 routes where you can try inner climbing. The first- time pamphlets can have two breakouts at the price of AED 235 per person.

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