Currently, staycation for millennial aren’t just about comfortable hostel apartments with soft mattress and high end amenities, it’s also about good recollections along with some social media good filmland. So, we by this composition have listed top 10 millennial friendly hospices positioned around the world. These hostel apartments offer the perfect hospitality space along with odd designs and settings. Plan a visit to these millennial friendly hospices and make your social media accounts conspicuous.

Hotel Zeppelin in San Francisco
This hostel in San Francisco is known for its 60’s flashiness. The perfect setting of Hotel Zeppelin includes psychedic bills, leather armchairs and peace signs on the ceiling and that’s what makes this millenial hostel one of the stylish.

The Line Hostel in Los Angeles
This enticing hostel is nestled in the center of Los Angeles’ bustling Korean City and it’s one of the uber cool hospices for the millennial. With tasteful Korean dishes, cement wall apartments and life exchange; this hostel is one of the stylish millennial friendly hospices offering superb staying experience.

Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland
It’s one of the amazing Marriott to enter the new generation. The apartments of Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront have in- room biking storehouse for the bones who enjoy biking or visit the megacity on bikes.
Eye Hotel in Utrecht
This millennial hostel was before an ophthalmology clinic which latterly turned into a hostel. With 36 quirky apartments; this hostel attracts multitudinous millennial every time. The soothing air with quaint cabinetwork and comfortable box spring beds is simply relaxing and perfect for some amazing clicks.

Brody House in Budapest
This millennial hostel is an art salon and 19th century former croaker’s hearthstone which houses 11 social media good apartments impeccably showcasing the art work of the artists who worked then. Brody House in Budapest also has a sharp theme sitting area and yard.

Hostel Cappuccino in Seoul
Like its name this hostel literally has a sharp décor and is beautifully nestled in Gangnam quarter of Seoul. It’s one of the stylish millennial hospices in Seoul which is also Korea’s first hospitality action which incorporated share value program.

The Great Madras Hotel in Singapore
It’s one of the hospices in Singapore which is positioned in Singapore’s Little India. This hostel has lit décor and 35 apartments which are curated with high end amenities. Also, complimentary bikes and out-of-door soaking pool is a true bliss. It’s one of the hospices in Singapore which is perfect for relaxing staycation.
El Fenn in Marrakech, Morocco
This hostel is a true jewel box for millennial who’s a social media sucker. With sharp décor, lots of gorgeous yards and auditoriums, a gym, a eatery, a library and three swimming pools; El Fenn can give you goosebumps with its charm. Bespeak this hostel for a cozy night in Marrakech.

Soho House in Istanbul
This outstanding hostel can anytime give you major trip pretensions just by having a look to its filmland. The comforting setting and sharp décor of this hostel attracts the millennial majorly. Set in a 19th century palace, the innards of this hostel is truly a bliss and social media good.
Palihouse in West Hollywood, California
This place offers the guests good vibes, cerebral design and amazing air. With home like apartments, rooftop bar and a yard brasserie; Palihouse attracts the millennial.

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