Qatar is one place in the Middle East that has always captured the fancy of vacation- goers. As one of the flush and safest destination, Qatar continues to make place in numerous trip pail lists. The wide array of immolations in the destination is perfect for a variety of experience campaigners. Through this composition, we aim to show you some of the stylish trip gests in Qatar which will set you packing for Doha. So, read on…

Souq Waqif
A grand melting pot of traditional and contemporary Qatar is what you find then. No trip to Doha can be complete without visiting Souq Waqif for amazing shopping and dining gests. The gold, spice and falcon souqs are bound to allure you and make for the most memorable times in the megacity. Beautiful traditional armature and stunning art galleries will enthrall you in the major nobility of Qatar. With no entry figure you can protect for rich spices, scents, exaggerations, etc at your heart’s content. Do check the opening and ending time before visiting.

Doha Corniche
Doha Corniche is another place in Qatar with stirring views. The Corniche Park and boardwalk are a great hang out point for bikers, joggers and trampers. You can take in views of the megacity’s magnific skyline at dawn or duck for a wholesome experience of the megacity. Open 24 hours, the 7 km long shorefront boardwalk is a walkable stretch from The Museum of Islamic Art at one end to The Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel on the other.

Aspire Park
The Aspire Park also known as the Doha Sports City is an ideal place to spend an evening or a downtime day. it has excellent sporting installations, a jogging and walking track, out-of-door spa, swimming pool, skateboarding pool and indeed a lake! A mess at the top of Aspire Tower aka The Torch with beautiful panoramic views will make you keep you wanting for further. The Torch Towers stands at a towering height of 300 m and is the altitudinous structure in Qatar presently. Functional timings are from 8 am to 12 am and you can visit this place without any entry freights! Also, one of Qatar’s most stunning promenades,‘The Villaggio’is walking distance down from the demesne loaded with multitudinous snacking and shopping options.
Museum of Islamic Art
One of the must-have visits when in Doha is the Museum of Islamic Art. Designed by world famed mastermind IM Pei, it boasts of the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. The oils in this gallery are collected from three mainlands, in the time period gauging 1400 times or 14 centuries! The fascinating geometric patterns of the gallery that’s open from 9 am to 7 pm will impress you for sure. Besides vestiges, excursionists can also enjoy the MIA Park, Café and IDAM eatery known for its authentic Qatari delectables.

Qatar National Museum
A top arranger in intriguing galleries, the Qatar National Museum isn’t only an architectural wonder but a heaven for history suckers. Designed by mastermind Jean Nouvel, its design is inspired from the desert rose demitasse. The gallery’s charge is to celebrate the culture, heritage and future of Qatar and its people. It embodies the pride and traditions of Qataris while offering transnational callers a dialogue about rapid-fire change and modernization in the country. General admission is roughly INR 1000 for grown-ups, INR 500 for scholars and free for children under 16. Timings to visit are from 9 am to 7 pm.

Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack
Camel racing is huge in Qatar. So much so that a Television channel is devoted entirely to show camel races in Qatar and abroad. You can enjoy a visit to the Al-Shahaniya race track, located one hour’s drive down from Doha during a race or indeed else between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm when the camels are taken to the arena for practice. A visit to the camel racetrack is a unique occasion to respect the stylish prepped and some of the most precious camels on the earth, some of which are worth as much as one million Qatari Riyals. And if this does n’t impress you, ever heard of small robots riding camels to cover and train them? Head to Al Shahaniya for this awful view.

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