Imagine yourself on a twisting stretch of blacktop just a few feet above the North Atlantic’s seething seas. That’s exactly what residents of Norway’s Mre og Romsdal county have to deal with if they wish to travel to the mainland from their own small archipelago here is about Atlantic Ocean Road.

Atlantic Ocean Road

The fjord county in Norway is made up of many small populated islands that needed to be linked by road. As a result, the Norwegian government constructed a bridge across the ocean to make travel easier.

The road’s construction began in 1983 and took around six years to finish.
The route, which is surrounded by gorgeous views and dramatic landscape, has become a well-known tourist attraction. Despite its ominous reputation. The Kvernes Stave Church, the Bremsnes Cave, and popular fishing locations are among the tourist attractions along the road.

When the water turns rough, the highway’s picturesque spots can quickly turn into a terrifying nightmare. The waves slammed into the road and the vehicles on it, making for a terrifying ride.

Would you try to drive along the “world’s most dangerous Atlantic Ocean Road” if you had the chance? If not, at the at least, make a pit break to take in Norway’s colourful appeal. Now is the time to book your international flights.

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