With long journey flights and travel of long hours, airlines not always offer miserable experiences. There are some airlines that are known for his or her greater comfort level and supply safety to the passengers. we’ve created an inventory of the foremost sumptuous airline cabins and lavish in-flight suites of varied airlines that are flying across the planet . Various cabin classes of the airlines lookout of the privacy of the passengers and supply luxuries like plush hotels. These cabin classes aren’t only well-appointed but expensive also . Their shimmering appearance can cause you to want to travel in them a minimum of once during a lifetime. From sanitation to cleanliness and chic appearance, luxurious airline cabins ensure delightful journeys to the passengers. Read this text to understand more about the foremost luxurious cabin classes of various airlines within the world..
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways has been the amount 1 on many lists and has won almost every travel award. they provide luxury flights that are extremely opulent. At Etihad, a passenger can get everything he or she could wish for on a plane. Could you imagine staying during a double bedroom set during your journey? Well, Etihad’s “The Residence” offers you only that and to top it off, you get a private butler and chef, too. It’s almost like staying during a luxurious hotel some 35,000 ft (10,668 m) above the world .

Singapore Airlines
Want to understand how it feels to step into an airline that provides you pajamas and bedroom slippers for a cushty trip? Try Singapore Airlines. you’ll tend your own personal cabin crafted by Jean-Jacques Coste, a famous designer from France, which is real leather on your seat. Could that be any longer luxurious? For entertainment, you’ve got a private television screen and Wi-Fi. The soft and tasteful lighting of their cabins may be a treat for guests. additionally to their improved fixed-back shell design seats, Singapore Airlines offers an array of gourmet dishes for travelers to feast on.

Cathay Pacific
Travelling on Cathay Pacific seems like going out for a drink, just this bar is within the air. Interiors of Cathay Pacific have incorporated designer sculptures by Linda Leviton and Maria Lobo. watching these statues in your cabin provides slightly of sophistication . This airline promises to offer a cushty travel experience like nowhere else. Cathay Pacific may be a Hong-Kong based carrier that gives nonstop flights to Hong Kong and other international destinations like Chicago, l. a. , San Francisco , and ny . Also, it’s been awarded the title of the planet ’s Best Airline at the World Airline Awards for the fourth time. With a diary of always being on time, Cathay Pacific has also earned the reputation in serving the best food onboard. they need an excellent selection of cheese, fruits, and main courses. Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

How about visiting a spa or a bar lounge while traveling on air? Royalty is within the veins of Emirates – it’s also one among the foremost expensive airlines on this list. From Royal Doulton fine china to Robert Welch cutlery, and even Bulgari toiletries, they need it all. This Dubai-based airline also offers complimentary alcoholic drinks. Overall, you’ll get all the required amenities here and travel within the lap of luxury. you would possibly have already started saving money for this one. it’s an experience worth all the moolah that you simply spend.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways is one among the top-rated airlines of all times. It stays faithful the center Eastern hospitality standards. you’ll be welcomed with an all-amenity kit. Sounds fancy? No? Well, the kit contains all Giorgio Armani products. Qatar Airways’ lounge is additionally larger than 10 Olympic-size swimming pools. Currently, this carrier serves over 140 destinations across the world .

British Airways
From the land of the Queen, hails British Airways. have you ever ever heard of a flight that gives facial and spa treatments? we expect not. If that’s not enough, what about enjoying Brit-tea 40,000 feet (12,192 m) above the ground? Traditions and sophistication are followed to the “T.” this is often definitely, one among the simplest airlines within the world.

Korean Air
The largest air bus, ready to carry over 555 passengers, has got to get on our list. Korean Airlines is large in both size and hearts. you’ll not be treated but royalty when traveling with them. The food and attendants won’t disappoint you, and therefore the first-class cabins are spacious enough to desire home.

All Nippon Airways
From inside, Japan’s All Nippon Airways seems like a train cabin. A train within the air, that’s fancy! The ANA’s boxlike structure gives it both a designer appeal and privacy. Additionally, you get your personal closet and international telephone. So, connect with the planet while you’re within the sky.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Ask the rich how pampered they feel travelling on Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Introduced in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has become one among the foremost popular airlines that now caters to varied countries round the world. Based in California, this airline has seats that become beds, dimmed lights, and silence zones to form sure you’ve got an honest night’s sleep. Their mission is to deliver quality services at attractive fares. Internet-enabled touch screens at every seat offer on-demand entertainment. What else does one want?

Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines isn’t a popularly known airline, but this China-based company will take you to a different world of luxurious hospitality. When travelling via Hainan Airlines, prepare for attentive service, fantastic food, great bedding, a tidy cabin, and far more. Its business class has been awarded the world’s best, time and time again.

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