Due to the unknown spread of COVID-19, fields around the world have been constantly ramping up their security measures. The soaring sedulousness is possibly one of the worst- hit sedulousness as several countries barred entry to foreign citizens. Since the outset of the curse, the soaring sedulousness has suffered an untold number of flight cancellations, aircraft groundings and domestic/ transnational border closures around different zone of India and the rest of the world. This has backfired in a swift decline in trade, most slips, lower weight factors and a due yield loss in millions.
Remunerative analysis by the Fields Council International (World) has plant out that this curse is set to wipe out38.1 of passenger trade and has lost other than 45 of yield in 2020 only. A large portion of small airlines, ground operations and other field-kindred service providers have gone void that has deeply impacted the soaring sedulousness. The only tableware stuffing that this retardation has presented is in the form of cost- effectiveness and major digitization and mechanization measures that have been taken in order to cut back on health imminences.
As foreign and domestic journey is sluggishly continuing albeit at a low pace, airdromes are spending else costs for thorough cleaning and sanitization in addition to introducing several new technologies to enable touchless/ compatible journey. We can only hope that with bettered new technologies along with our sheer long-suffering and workableness, we will be competent to overcome this major crossroad.
Post-COVID 19 Technological advancements around the world

Health Screening
This is the new normal in airfields and train stations all around the world. A handheld thermometer wand is used to check the temperature of inbound passengers at entrance gates and security checkpoints. On the other hand, several major airfields have introduced (or temporarily tested out) walk-through thermal lace cameras.
These cameras can determine conditions by assaying core temperature from the heat expiring from a mortal body. Multifold airlines in the USA have before asked for enactment of these cameras for guaranteeing safety of both passengers and the airdrome staff.
But according to WHO (World Health Organization), these scanners aren’t faultless since they would not be equal to determine asymptomatic individualities and infected persons without any fever. To contend this, Soter Technologies has introduced a new device called Symptom Sense which can give a more in- depth reading of a passenger’s health as they pass through the gadget just like a normal stuff sensor gate. Within five seconds, this can assay an individuality’s temperature, blood-oxygen rankings, heart rates and respiration rates.
In the future, passengers might yea be disinfected on appearance. For illustration when you land at Hong Kong International airdrome, coming frequenters might have to enter a small capsule filled with negative pressure. This CLeanTech gadget performs a 40 equivalent treatment with the help of nano needles, photocatalyst technology and a sanitizing spray which are meant to disinfect any passenger or airdrome and service staff from implicit viral infections. According to an airdrome mouthpiece, this might go exhaustively going by the end of 2021.
Mobile apps
Passengers have been using smartphones to check into routs or change seats long before Covid19. But in the post Covid time, mobile apps like EaseMyTrip will be an inchmeal important part of the trip experience.
In the absence of face recognition, mobile apps can unite with summerhouses and gates to minimize contact. Mobile notices can echo individual passengers to board, so minimizing crowds near the gates or on the squirt continent. Largely, mobile apps have the prospect to favorably tell field trip culture.
At several US fields, a software called Safe Distance is being tested right now in order to figure out if there’s a need for better social distancing signage or refined security measures for implementing social distancing. A resembling app can freely be installed for smart phone boarding apps.
Presently, major USA airlines are looking for required check-in procedures so that there are less natural scrapes. At present, Beamer is working on a contact- tracing app with the University of Arizona in order to collect data on all passengers and help them check in via app.

Fashion-forward safety uniforms for flight attendants
There’s a fashion-forward futuristic knack to all the PPE uniforms that have been laid down by several airlines. While AirAsia’s PPE uniforms equal flashy red HAZMAT suits, Philippine Airlines’ cabin crews wear face securities along with swell white medical jumpsuits with a rainbow stripe on one shoulder.
Also, other training is warranted to train attendants on how to duly use and handle PPE uniforms. This is for maintaining the health of both the attendants and passengers who are always at close contact all along the flight.
But what about the quality of air inside the cabin? Thankfully, the HEPA smut in the airline ventilation systems neutralize the elixir so making it safe to breathe pat through a clean N95 mask.

Face recognition
In the future, biometric affinity might be used to inspect your face instead of handing over a passport or ticket. This identifies a person by their unique features like the bow of an eye or the shape of a face. Airlines like Delta, Air France, and JetBlue have before started to roll out these biometric identification technologies and soon other airlines might follow their suit.

Drawing Robots
At Pittsburgh International Airport, four robots have been introduced in collaboration with a original get-go called Carnegie Robotics that have been drawing the airdrome bed with UV lights by fully killing any herbicide. These bots maunder around the airdrome for around 8 to 10 hours a day and have been precisely programmed in a way that the UV lights are only fastened on the bed.
Notwithstanding, we might see another comparable bots in other US airdromes and the world, If this works out well.

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