The land of sun and kips, Spain is a favored backpacking destination for all the right reasons. Spain’s custom is told by multiple societies and dynasties that ruled the country in the history. From the intricate Islamic armature to the Gothic, Christian diggings, you’ll find traces and remains of the noble history of colorful persuasions. Known for its rich heritage, perfect architectural lookouts, sunny strands, and blooming stations, Spain tourism contributes nearly14.6 to the nation’s GDP.

  1. Seville
    Nothing beats the romantic charm of Seville with its warm rainfall, elegant Mudéjar armature, winding alleyways, tapas bars, and orange- scented yards. Located in the Andalusia region, Seville is one of the biggest and most influential metropolises in Southern Spain. Due to its energetic Flamenco spirit, this megacity is known for hosting the biennial‘Bienal de Flamenco’ jubilee in the month of September. The Real Alcazar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that will steal your heart in the blink of an eye with its detailed cultural rudiments, ornate archways, coffered ceilings, and fantastic royal charm. Catch the raspberry’s eye view of the entire megacity at the Torre Giralda. And this is just the starting, you’ll find innumerous ancient structures to sate your passion of being a wanderlust.
  2. Alicante
    Experience the deep turquoise waters of the Mediterranean crashing at the flaxen props of Alicante. Positioned on the Costa Blanca bank, this destination is sure to enchant you with its shorefront boardwalk, affable rainfall, rest conditioning, and the whole precious bay saga! From its famed art galleries, win- edged arterials, aesthetic boutiques, and lush auditoriums, Alicante screams culture and holiday out loud. Satisfy the savorer inside you with the Tapas and short afters in Mercado Central. However, head on to Tabarca, a antique city with a literal church and whitewashed houses, If you are pining an intimate stay on the islet. Take part in the Fogueres de Sant Joan Festival that’s celebrated by burning useless objects in a campfire on the appearance of the summer solstice.
  3. Barcelona
    Visit the capital of Catalonia and immerse yourself in the appeal of majestic armature, gorgeous megacity views, peaceful city places and the hidden thoroughfares with bitsy cafés. Barcelona has commodity to offer for everyone. Whether you’re a quiet, serene person or a club-hopper, this megacity will give you a pack of recollections like no other. Along with Barri Gòtic, a Gothic medieval quarter with its world- class air, Antoni Gaudí’s innovative structures are sure to catch your eye. Tromp down La Rambla, a tree- shadowed avenue and substantiation flower stands, raspberry merchandisers, road players and much further. And do not forget to join the Football mode and visit Camp Nou for the functionary tenures led by the members of FC Barcelona.
  4. Granada
    The heart of the Andalusia region, Granada is a breathtakingly beautiful megacity located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain. From the famed Alhambra fort to the old Moorish neighborhood of Albaicín, this megacity has much to offer. Snow- limited peaks, intricate gravestone busts, the Renaissance Catholic edifice, and the Alcaicería ( spice request) are some of the destinations that will remind you of Spain’s Islamic period along with the Jewish and Vagabond influences.
  5. San Sebastián
    One of the top sightseer places in Spain, San Sebastián is a must- visit place for all the savorers. Also known as the Basque country’s culinary capital, this megacity is an ideal position for card-good sand views. San Sebastián’s other name in the original Basque language is Donostia. Settled on the crescent-suchlike Bay of Concha, this megacity is notorious for its royal auditoriums, terraced riverside boardwalk, extensive major spots and an exquisite 18th-century Baroque church. A serving of pintxos, Basque’s interpretation of Tapas, is obligatory to mark the visit. For people who prefer surfing, Zurriola Beach is where all the charm’s at.
  6. Córdoba
    Córdoba used to be one of the biggest metropolises and control centres of the Iberian promontory over a thousand times back. Home to the Mezquita, a UNESCO-listed synagogue erected from the 8th to the 10th century, this Andalusian megacity holds a Moorish atmosphere and is popular for its artisan crafts and cooking. There’s a beautiful orange copse just outside the Mezquita that’s a perfect spot to just decelerate down and take in the serene surroundings. The Judería ( old Jewish quarter) is a myriad of colours with its flower-adorned quadrangles and whitewashed houses. Original delectables like Naranja con Aceite y Bacalao, Salmorejo, and Pastel Cordobés are sure to leave a lasting print on your tastebuds.
  7. Madrid
    Spain’s public capital and the largest megacity, Madrid is the bustling corner of the country. This place has different race, energy, major spots, culture, world- class art, and armature trickling each over. Where you might find yourself in the business lane on vast avenues, another side will wholeheartedly drink you to the peaceful, lush green premises. Notoriously notorious for its uber-active escapism, this megacity also houses multitudinous universities, multilateral sections, and major diggings. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, colosseum to the megacity’s home platoon-Real Madrid, is another must- visit spot for all the Football suckers. And if you are into Bullfighting, San Isidro is a artistic jubilee that commences on 15th May.
  8. Valencia
    Valencia is one of the largest metropolises in the Eastern part of Spain that holds the capability to transfigure you back to the medieval period. At the same time, it’ll show you one of the most brilliant contemporary armature structures as well. Along with several galleries and art venues, Europe’s largest naval terrarium,L’Oceanogràfic is also located then. Fiesta de San José is a original jubilee celebrated in March and includes exemplary art shows, fireworks, a cortege, and a taste of the authentic Paella, a dish forming from Valencia itself. Cherry to the cutlet, La Tomatina takes place in Buñol, a bitsy vill near Valencia.
  9. Toledo
    The heart and soul of Spain, this old megacity has stood altitudinous through the rule of multiple dynasties and wars. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Toledo is essential to Spanish culture. The noble thoroughfares are an admixture of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian influence in this” megacity of three societies. “From its damascene metalwork and antique brands to its traditional crafts, this megacity is an essential destination for your Spain stint package. There is important to learn and witness then, including the handwrought marzipan, a interpretation of sweet almond delicacies.
  10. Ibiza
    Ibiza, the white Islet of Spain is famed as one of the top party destinations in the world. With its succulent fresh seafood, isolated strands, gorgeous geographies, and super-clubs, Ibiza warmly welcomes people of all kinds and offers them a laidback life. Dalt Vila is a UNESCO Site with massive bastions, to forfend off Berber rovers, erected by Charles V in the 16th century. Watch the evening at the Cafe del Mar and drown yourself in background chesterfield music. When you hit the world- class holistic gyms, all of your Spain stint costs will feel worth the value.
  11. Galacia
    Experience Spain like no way ahead in this fantastic position where people wear kilts, speak a distinct language called Gallego (guy-eh- go), play bagpipes, and dine till their hearts are filled with seafood and wine. However, or maybe Scotland, Galacia is where you must land, If you want to get down from the sunny strands and look for a place that will make you suppose of Ireland.
  12. Salamanca
    Gauging Spain’s Northern Plateau, Salamanca is settled on the banks of the Tormes River. With the architectural treasures, ancient universities, admiration- inspiring edifices, and quiet friaries, this place is the unexampled Renaissance megacity in Europe. The structures take on a golden tinge during the sun and are beautifully illuminated by the night. From September 7-18, celebrate the crop jubilee Fiesta de la Virgen de la Vega and witness the Salamanca fair with its musicales, road shows, medieval requests, food booths, and much further.

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