The European Union announced a replacement recommendation that member nations should reinstate COVID-related travel restrictions on unvaccinated citizens from us and five other countries.

According to, the EU passed non-binding guidance for the 27-nation bloc to get rid of the U.S. from an inventory of nations whose citizens can visit without additional coronavirus restrictions, like quarantine and testing requirements.

In addition to the U.S., Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon, and North Macedonia are far away from the exemption list. The non-binding recommendations mean each individual country within the EU can decide whether to permit nonessential travel for fully vaccinated tourists.

Before the official guidance was released; several EU countries already had their own limits on American travelers. The U.S. government currently doesn’t allow European citizens to go freely.

Austria and Croatia have instituted new rules for international travelers—including Americans—that places an expiration date on their vaccination status. Visitors must have received the ultimate dose of the vaccine no quite 270 days before their arrival.

Earlier this month, the EU began preliminary discussions about restoring travel sanctions on the U.S. because it grapples with the Delta variant. To be eligible for the exempt list, the EU limit for foreign visitors is not quite 75 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous 14 days.

The U.S previously reported a rate of just about 270 cases per 100,000 and increasing.

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