The West Coast’s most instigative food scene
When US Moment collected a list of the stylish original food scenes across the USA, San Francisco did n’t indeed make the list. But Oakland did. Positioned just across the East Bay, it was the only west seacoast megacity featured.
It helps, of course, that some of the most instigative cookers in the region are being tempted across the Bay by cheaper rents, a burgeoning savorer scene and a vibrant,’can- do’ station.

The most striking thing about the Oakland scene is its diversity. From fried funk to Mumbai road food, the choice can be inviting. It’s stylish to start at the major Swan’s Request where The Cook and Her Farmer, Cosecha Café and Miss Ollie’s serve up fresh yield from original granges. The original oysters are worth seeking out too. Independent beaneries line Telegraph Avenue in the hipsterism Temescal quarter.
Oakland’s old fashioned beaneries are worth checking out too. From all night burger joints to family- possessed delis, these establishments have been feeding Oakland residers for decades. Try Ratto’s Market & Deli. They have been serving doorstep-sized ciabattas since 1897.
A host of innovative galleries
Forget the dimly lit galleries of your nonage. The galleries of Oakland are as stinky and cool as the megacity itself. The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, for illustration, celebrates the history of videotape games, with ample openings to play the classic games that have shaped the assiduity.
The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) features interactive displays as well, explaining California’s part in art, history and the natural lores. Try your hand at adding a soundtrack to a silent movie. You could be the coming John Williams.
Redwoods on your doorstep
The Redwood Regional Park, in the Oakwood hills, is home to the largest stage of redwoods in the Bay area. Within moments of arriving you ’ll find yourself girdled by these assessing titans, with pungent pine needles underfoot and, if you ’re lucky, a notorious Bay fog swirling around you. It’s hard to believe that these empty paths and spectacular views are only a couple of country miles from the megacity’s bustling town.
The civic wineries
California’s notorious wine region, the Napa Valley, may only an hour down, but why bother when there’s a flourishing civic wine scene, with award winning kinds being created in repaired storages?
. The grapes are sourced from each over the state, and there’s indeed an Civic Wine Trail that not only visits the areas stylish wineries, but its best- loved caffs and beaneries as well. More importantly, it’s walkable and centrally located, so you are always but a short Uber ride back to your hostel.

Still, sweat not, there’s an Oakland Ale Trail that stops by the megacity’s myriad largely regarded craft spirits, If you prefer hops to grapes. Complete the trail and you ’ll be awarded with a free Oakland Ale Trail ingrained grouser.
The civic oasis that’s Lake Merritt
Lake Merritt is one of the most unique civic spaces in the US, a tidal lagoon where humans and nature mingle. It’s the oldest designated wildlife retreat in the country.

After a$ 122 million makeover four times agone, it also boasts a variety of sporting installations and a series of themed- auditoriums that callers are encouraged to explore, including a Sensitive Garden, a Japanese Zen Garden and northern California’s only public Bonsai theater.

With a full timetable of sporting, music and communal events, there’s always commodity going on Lake Merritt. Stock up on a spread of treats from Swan’s Request for a easy street or kayak to the requests in Jack London Square. Lake Merritt is the stylish way to witness Oakland the way the locals do.

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