Trips to my nation’s capital usually aren’t long for many Americans, so here’s my guide for what to try to to in Washington DC in only 3 days.
3 days in Washington, DC
Day One
Ready to get your tourist on? Because that is what i like to recommend for your very first day in Washington, D.C.! there is a LOT to ascertain and do here, and a few of the simplest things are literally the items you will find listed altogether the guidebooks.

  1. Visit the National Mall
    Washington DC’s National Mall is perhaps the foremost famous a part of the town (well, maybe aside from the White House). It’s where you will find all the famous monuments and museums, stretching from the Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol . (Well, actually the last half of the world , between the Washington Monument and Capitol , is that the “official” National Mall, but most of the people consider it to incorporate everything up to the Lincoln Memorial , too.)

Must-see memorials and monuments include:
The Lincoln Memorial (it’s worthwhile to steer up all the steps!)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
National war II Memorial
The Washington Monument

  1. See the White House
    You can’t attend Washington, DC, and not get a glimpse of the famous White House! you’ll take a small detour to ascertain it as you create your way down the National Mall, as it’s near the Washington Monument (across the Ellipse).
  2. Stroll round the basin
    If you’ve seen photos of Washington, DC, bathed in cherry blossoms, likelihood is that you’ve seen photos of the basin . This reservoir is great for a stroll, otherwise you can even rent a paddleboat to explore.
  3. Walk to the Capitol
    While the National Mall doesn’t “officially” stretch to all or any the memorials or the US Capitol , it’s natural to steer there since it’s quite the second bookend to the Lincoln Memorial .

Day Two
Don’t put those walking shoes away just yet, because there’s still tons more walking to try to to today.

  1. attend a museum
    Washington, DC, is understood for its Smithsonian Museums. If you walked the National Mall on Day One, you likely saw most of those since they’re all located between the Washington Monument and Capitol . Today is that the day to go to one or two of them.

Other visit-worthy museums in downtown DC include:
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum
The National Geographic Museum
International Spy Museum (yes, this exists!)
The National Building Museum

Day Three
Tired of the touristy sights yet? If so, you’ll likely enjoy Day Three, which goes to urge you faraway from downtown and therefore the National Mall and into a number of DC’s coolest neighborhoods.

  1. Explore another neighborhood
    Washington, DC, isn’t known for its neighborhoods within the way that, say, ny or San Francisco is. But, a bit like those other cities, DC does, indeed, have tons of cool neighborhoods that are worth exploring. My favorites (so far; i have never even been to half them yet!) include:
    Georgetown may be a historic neighborhood located on the banks of the Potomac . it is so historical, in fact, that it predates Washington, DC, itself, having been founding in 1751 in what was then Maryland. this suggests you will find many beautiful old buildings, leafy streets, and even an old canal (the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal) in Georgetown.

Adams Morgan
Adams Morgan is most famous for its nightlife, but the various and funky neighborhood has such a lot more to offer!

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